Friday, January 20, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Mystery Technique 3

Ahhhhhh it is Friday again already!!

And our mystery technique for this Friday is below.

Post your guess in the comments below this post and the winner will be drawn from the correct answers....or if no correct answers...then the most creative guess will win!  Subjective I know but

So are you ready to give this one a whirl???

Here it is....

I anxiously await your creative guesses!!  The winner will be announced on Monday along with the technique esplanation.  See you then!!

Have an amazing weekend!

Kelly L Hendrickson

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lino print

This is lino print of cone flowers which I did on green fabric. Don't ask me why the picture shows up in blue :-). I am not going into the details of how to do lino prints, there are excellent online courses on this subject. This print is 12"x12" and I intend to complete it with hand embroidery

Hopefully I can show you more result of this fabric later in February.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mystery revealed

And this is how I create the mystery fabric of last Friday. I started with a wet white fabric and crunched this.

If you want to you can iron it with all the creases, but that is not compulsary.

Place a screen on it.

And apply paint with a squeegee.

Remove the screen and let the paint dry.

When you unfold the fabric, it looks like this:

I repeated this process several times with different colors of paint. Just like Kelly I do not like white backgrounds, so the final step was a ice dye with different colors of procion dye.

And the winner of this fabric is: Silkworks922. Please send an email with your contactinfo to: I am moving house this week and will be without internet access for maybe a week. Don't think I am ignoring your comments or questions, I will answer when I am back on line.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mystery technique

Today is Friday and that means time for a new mystery technique. Here is the fabric:

It is up to you all to take a guess at what techniques (2) I used to create this fabric. Leave your answer in the comments below. Coming Monday I will reveal how it was made and who is the lucky winner of this fabric

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 2

Today I have two other credit card marks to show you.

The base piece is a snow-dyed piece I did a couple of years ago. This is all that is left of that particular piece of fabric.  As you can see, it already has a directional look to it.

I wanted a subtle look to the surface design so I chose colors that are already in the piece. A blue, green and yellow.

Before I show you the finished piece, I thought it would be interesting to see what the pallete looks like after this process.

For this look, I tooke the long edge of the card and cut it through all three colors to mingle them. Put the edge of the card on the fabric, draw it straight down and then sweep it out to one side.  Then I took the corner of a card, dabbed just the flat of the corner in the paints (all three colors again) and made a mark at the end of the straight line.

Here is the completed surface design.

As I was working in the photo editing bit for this, I noticed that each direction I turned this piece gave it a different look (at least to me).  I named each of them (yes....I is a sickness I think... seemingly with no known cure)

Clockwise from the top left:  Dandelion Drift, In Flight, Ascent and Trumpet Fanfare.

Someday I know this piece will find its way, at just the right moment, into a work either as a whole background or as a bit of accent.

I have used cards before and have a couple of pieces that might also inspire you. One is white plaster on fabric (r). This one is quilted (which I did before applying the plaster). It is a 12" X 12" art quilt. The other is printing ink on watercolor paper (l).  On both I made the white dots with white paint on the end of an artist paint brush.  In the left one, I also used a black Pigma Pen to make black dots. The art quilt is titled "Directions". The paper piece is titled:  "Decisions, Decisions"

I hope you enjoyed playing with credit cards (and other varieties of cards) this week! There are other marks you can make I'm sure.  Grab fabric, paint, cards and let the creativity begin!!!

And be sure to be here on Friday for the second Mystery Technique Contest!  Wil has the floor for this one. You won't want to miss it!!

Kelly L Hendrickson

Monday, January 9, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 2

Yep....the holidays are over.....

The first credit card bill has yet to arrive KNOW what you did!!!

Suddenly all those people advising you to cut up your credit cards seem to be wise beyond their

BUT WAIT!!!! DON'T cut them up!!!

I have a MUCH better idea!

Let's "paint" fabric with them!!  (The added value is that you can't use them in a credit machine again!!!)

Here is the list of supplies....very simple

Credit, Gift, Dinner Club (etc.) cards

That's it and you're ready.  Take a deep breath and let the panic of debt fall away for just a minute.

For this technique it is a good idea to tape your fabric down so that it is very stable.
I am using a piece of white PFD for this first part so you can better see the different elements.

Next the paint. I just used some very basic acrylic paints but glittery and marbly ones would be way cool as well.

Then get out your cards of whatever type you have around. You know those fake ones they send you in the mail???? Those work as well!

Now the fun begins. Just take the side of your card and draw it through the paint like a knife through butter. Then make your mark!  I started using the card like a paint brush, making swirls switching from one side of the card to the other is an "S" move. Also made some that were more closed circles.

Noticed as I was doing these that the wave of the cardboard was showing through. No problem for me! I liked it actually but just a note to be aware of the surface to which you tape your fabric...depending on the look you are wanting to create.

Next I took the cards, cut them through the paint and used the card like a "stamp". I chose to keep going with the swirl look and make "rays" with the red paint.

Then I took the corner of the card, dipped in the paint and made dots with it.

Finally, I tooke the side of the card again and cut through the paint. I Swept the card in one direction to make a kind of feathered look.

The final piece, which acquired the name "In A Spin" is ready!

On Wednesday, I'll be using the card on an already snow-dyed piece so you can see what it is like to combine the techniques.

NOW.....(drum roll)....the winner of the Mystery Technique 1!!!

Just a quick note:  It was appropriately mentioned that awarding the first correct answer in a group so wide spread as this did not afford everyone an equal chance.  Correct. So, wanting to be fair to all, the winner will now be chosen from all the correct answers.

The prize is the piece of frabic in the mystery!!

The technique is pounded fabric!!  If you are interested in this technique, I did a mini presentation on the FIRE blog April 28-30, 2014.  All the instructions are in those three days.  Happy Pounding!
For this piece I did use some Lumiere paint I had left over from a project which is why there is the metallic bit in the fabric.

Now for the winner!!!


Pam if you can send me your mailing information ( I will get the piece of pounded fabric out to you right away.

That's it for today all of you! See you on Wednesday for some more credit card fun!

Kelly L Hendrickson

Friday, January 6, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Mystery Technique 1


Here we go!

Each Friday we will be posting a photo of a particular technique.  Your adventure is to guess
what technique we used to create these pieces. Enter your guess in the comment section below the photo.

The first correct entry will be the winner!!
The weekly winner and the reveal of the technique will be the following Monday

Every guess will be entered in the final drawing at the end of February.  The prize you ask????
I'll share more about that next week because it has to do with a particular technique we will be
presenting at that time.


So I'll see you Monday with the reveal of the technique and announcement of this week's winner!!

Kelly Hendrickson